Course curriculum

  • 1

    Landfill Operational Issues

    • Excavating & Transporting Soil
    • Succession Planning for the Solid Waste Industry
    • Maximize Airspace with Efficient Short-Term Fill Sequence Planning
    • How to Reduce Landfill Site Development Costs
  • 2

    Regulatory Concerns/Public Relations

    • Effective Bird Control at Your Waste Facility
    • Public Relations & Your Facility's Public Image
    • The NItty-Gritty of Dust Control
    • Environmental Monitoring & Alternative Options
  • 3

    Equipment Maintenance/Operations

    • How to Create and Implement an Effective Equipment Maintenance Program for Your Landfill
    • Right-Sizing Equipment
  • 4

    Improving Operations and Cutting Costs

    • Organics Processing - CORE
    • CORE Assessment - MRF
    • Comprehensive Operations Review (CORE) for Waste Facilities
    • CORE Assessment - Transfer Stations
    • CORE Assessment - Landfill
    • Extend the Life of Your Landfill Through Process Improvement
  • 5


    • Critical Safety Documents for the Solid Waste Industry: Breaking Down the IIPP
    • Keep Your Cool - Fire Prevention at Waste Facilities
    • Establishing a Safety Culture at Your Waste Facility
    • Work Safe in 2015-Safety Specifics for Waste Facilities
    • Health and Safety Plans for the Solid Waste Industry
    • The Missing Safety Link: Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)
    • Hiding in Plain Sight: Safety Training for Solid Waste Customers
    • Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and Your Safety Program
  • 6

    Facility Maintenance

    • Clearing & Grubbing - Weeds, Trees and Everything in Between
    • Closed Landfill Maintenance 101
    • Managing Closed Landfills: Minimizing Costs for Perpetual Care
  • 7

    Customer and Load Management

    • The Spotter's Job- Setting the Pace for the Operation
  • 8

    Green Waste/Organics/Recycling

    • Wood and Green Waste Processing: Know Your True Costs
  • 9

    New Technologies

    • Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Applications for Solid Waste Facilities
  • 10

    Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) Operations and Safety

    • MRF Operations – Are You Focused on the Right Things?
    • Increasing MRF Efficiency: How to Minimize Contamination by Preventing it at Your Front Door

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